Welcome to Perfect Access

Perfect Access is one of those leading organizations that has been created based to solid resources of market research, professional practices, legal backgrounds, public relations, accumulative experiences, long history of performance and clear vision of future business scenarios.

Located in one of the most sophisticated business atmosphere in the Middle East, Dubai, we are in touch with the world. Our services are based to the local and international business standards, in addition to the Quality Assurance and Excellency Standards to perform the typical counselling services sought by our clients. Read More >>

Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is an evaluation and analysis of the potential of the proposed project which is based on extensive investigation and research to give full comfort to the decisions makers.. More >>

Our Resources

Maximizing our resources is one of our main concerns, where we will work hard to increase, develop, invest, standardize, and employ professionally. Our resources will include, but not limited to…More >>

Our Concerns

Among the company’s companies, with and through our strategic allies, by applying our strategy, we will do, care about, focus on some concerns as our real wealth and reason of continuity. We publicize those as basic milestones of success…More >>

KPI Tools

At PERFECT ACCESS, we have early developed our own standardized KPIs for various types of businesses. Our long experience in assessing, valuating, developing, restructuring and auditing businesses have sourced us with the necessary tools to measure success and to cure failure. A business will lose its direction if it does not specify its KPIs compared to its targets…More >>

Business Modelling

Business modelling is the process of translating a business model into financial results, or other required outputs, using input variables together with logical arguments for how outputs are derived from inputs. Spreadsheets are often developed with software such as Microsoft Excel, to forecast the future outcome given different potential scenarios…More >>

MBO Management

If mission is set to explain the reason for the organization’s existence, objectives, especially when they are SMART, could be set as sufficient tools to properly implement the organization’s strategic plans. Management by objectives (MBO) will allow the organization to plan, follow up, systematize, apply, and evaluate its progress towards its reason of existence and to modify policies and procedures accurately towards the planned results…More >>