Management by Objectives

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If mission is set to explain the reason for the organization’s existence, objectives, especially when they are SMART, could be set as sufficient tools to properly implement the organization’s strategic plans. Management by objectives (MBO) will allow the organization to plan, follow up, systematize, apply, and evaluate its progress towards its reason of existence and to modify policies and procedures accurately towards the planned results.

At PERFECT ACCESS, we recognize that management in any company is needed to reach organizational and personal objectives through actions taken by the members of the organization. The objectives, which are usually formulated by all who involve in the managerial process, will be the dynamics (forces that produce actions) of management to perform a service and/or a product for the beneficiaries.

Through our process to develop a company, we simply let Management be defined as working with and through people to determine, interpret, and achieve organizational objectives by performing the functions of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and controlling. In another words, we train people to practice the fact that “management is the process of working with and through others to achieve organizational objectives in a changing environment. Central to this process is the effective and efficient use of limited resources”

We help management to formulate its SMART objectives, to consider all necessary resources in advance and are very clear in numbers and quantities. This pre-expectation of resources required is the basic function of the professional management we provide.