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Maximizing our resources is one of our main concerns, where we will work hard to increase, develop, invest, standardize, and employ professionally. Our resources will include, but not limited to:

Our people

  • People plans support the organization’s strategy
  • People’s knowledge and capabilities are developed.
  • People are aligned, involved and empowered.
  • People communicate effectively throughout the organization.
  • People are rewarded, recognized and cared for.


  • Internal self-assessment will be conducted over all departments to be used as one of the main source of Quality objectives to be targeted by RAK Holding. The model will be followed might be expressed as:
  • To adopt and maintain Standards of Quality as per customer specifications and implementing systems like ISO 9000 and similar certifications for ensuring consistence in quality and control.
  • RAK holding will be dominated by the quality and procedural manuals approved by Union International as long as such manuals are not contradicting the approved strategy document prepared and approved by RAK holding.
  • All departments will be reviewed periodically to investigate if their documentations, procedures, systems, policies, practices, policies, and other planning/execution applications go with the RAK Holding ones or not.
  • RH and its departments will develop additional automated operational procedures that are not included in the ISO System. Such systems will cover all activities of the company.
  • Automate all processes to reduce paper work and develop control through a computer system that is integrated with accounts and operation (ERP).
  • Consciously obtain feedback from customers and consultants of their opinion or perception of the company and to set standards as per customer’s requirement.



  • To acquire and deploy advanced technologies, processes, systems, tools and designs in all fields of activities of the company whether relating to Finance, Marketing, Operation, and others.
  • For each technology application, we develop, all management will add, but not delete, the last version of any system developed. The costs of those development will be paid to customize the system to cope with our requirements.
  • Most applications available in the market will be always tested to investigate if any of those technologies will achieve the following objectives:


a.Decrease the time consumed
b.Decrease the paper works
c.Possible to be customized to our needs
d.Provide better documentation
e.Provide solutions to existing operational problems


  • RAK Holding Company of Companies allocates 2.5% of its profit towards technology research and will continue to research and study various technologies that will enhance and make improvements in the areas where we conduct our operations.



  • PERFECT ACCESS sees itself as an organization that has a great potential of growth locally, regionally and globally. It manages its business, based on innovative management and development techniques, backed to the strength of knowledge, experience and technology.
  • Total Quality Management, Business best practices, right selection of human resources, and actual recognition of available resources, cooperation and exchange of knowledge are seen as vital resources that ensure the fact that the company maintains a competitive edge, opportunity capturing, and high recognition in the marketplace.
  • Equipped with high levels of public relations, beyond limits visions to the future, local and international strategic allies, inevitable available opportunities and the well-formulated objectives, PERFECT ACCESS understands success as factual practicing of business.


PERFECT ACCESS of Companies is a commercial organization and therefore profit motivated. It is looking for optimizing profit with minimal possible investment. We compete depending on our morals and ethics to cooperate with our strategic allies investing all legal available resources.


PERFECT ACCESS of Companies is committed to generating a working environment in which every employee can derive job satisfaction and feel a genuine sense of pride & belonging to the organization. PERFECT ACCESS of Companies acknowledges its responsibility for creating a congenial working atmosphere in which individuals have the opportunity and are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential, as well as make their maximum contribution. PERFECT ACCESS is working continually to source its staff with all possible resources that increase and maximize the morals of the company through a professional practicing of business operations.

Best practices

All staff members, managers in particular, will be able to adopt and practice the best business practices that are expressed in success, development, and achieving of objectives assigned.