At Perfect Access, we believe that success in product and service innovation depends on creativity as a key input. Without a healthy and continuing supply of ideas, most organizations would cease to exist. A fundamental challenge facing leaders in the twenty‐first century is how to profit from group potential and then leverage it so that it produces organizational innovation and excellence.

This company takes a strategic view of creativity as a key element of competitive advantage. It outlines the conditions for creativity to flourish and is supported through the use of a number of case studies.

Creativity is not predominantly something that can be “forced” through creativity “techniques”. It depends crucially on the setting of an appropriate context for ideas and solutions to emerge and their subsequent mobilisation into innovative products and services. When the context is right techniques can play their part in raising the level and type of creativity within organizations.

We review the contributions to the understanding of creativity and innovation in organisations and interprets the implications for training and development. Highlights key and recurrent principles: the benefits of an integrated organisational approach, the right climate for creativity, appropriate incentives for innovators, a structured means of search and a systematic way to convert an opportunity into an innovation. It implies a broad range of skills development including: team working, communications, coaching, project management, learning to learn, visioning, change management and leadership.

Even though techniques for the development of innovation and enhancing creativity in individuals are well founded, there are relatively many successful attempts on the practice of mainstreaming creativity in an organisational setting. Likewise, although the transition from idea to innovation can be systematized, problems arise from customized applications that involve the management of the change process.