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1. Internal self-assessment will be conducted over all subsidiaries to be used as one of the main source of Quality objectives to be targeted by Perfect Access. The model will be followed might be expressed as:
2. To adopt and maintain Standards of Quality as per customer specifications and implementing systems like ISO 9000 and similar certifications for ensuring consistence in quality and control.
3. Perfect Access will be dominated by the quality and procedural manuals approved by Union International as long as such manuals are not contradicting the approved strategy document prepared and approved by the company.

4. All subsidiaries will be reviewed periodically to investigate if their documentations, procedures, systems, policies, practices, policies, and other planning/execution applications go with the company ones or not.
5. The company will develop additional automated operational procedures that are not included in the ISO System. Such systems will cover all activities of the company.
6. Automate all processes to reduce paper work and develop control through a computer system that is integrated with accounts and operation (ERP).
7. Consciously obtain feedback from customers and consultants of their opinion or perception of the company and to set standards as per customer’s requirement.

8. Create and establish Templates to be used in various aspects of the business process such as Feasibility Studies, Joint Venture or Memorandum and Article of Association, Memorandum of Understanding and such other documents.
9. Monitor and Control: In setting up our strategic objectives or strategies, we have defined what we want and desire to achieve and how we are going to achieve it. During the course of the next five years we will need to continuously monitor and control our performance to ensure that we are moving in the right direction. We have to take certain measures and action if deviations from the goals are found.