Real Estate

Real Estate services is one of Perfect Access’s main unique services to its clients all over the world. We have developed a unique understanding of RE recognition as a wealth that breads wealthy investments if it is professionally managed and controlled. Perfect Access has been able to package this sector’s components in a comprehensive understanding that achieves a homogeneous practices towards success.

Real Estate Development is the businesswhich is specialized in creating new developments or renovating existing ones, marketing them successfully, and selling them. RE developers often work with partners to share the risk and the workload, and they may work for big companies which conduct real estate development on a large scale or use real estate development as one investment tool in a diverse portfolio.

RE Development will require good experience in management, marketing, construction, city planning, urban development, financial investment, property management, sales and many other solid backgrounds. It is not the business of creating buildings and selling them to end users. This will require the developer to create his own company that employs professionals in various fields.

At Perfect Access, we help developers in a very challenging support. We cover the needs of Developers to be able to assess a wide variety of future adventures and determine whether they will be workable and acceptable. Our consultancy services will enable the Developer to create a vision for remodelling and successfully selling the opportunity available.

Perfect Access Valuation Services was established many years ago to offer its customers a unique Property Valuation services across U.A.E. Our Evaluators team is one of the leading property valuations and advisory group in the area.

We performs valuations:

  • During negotiation between buyers and sellers
  • For mortgage lending purposes
  • Pending business mergers or dissolutions
  • For appraising the assets of companies
  • During company audits
  • For property inheritance purposes
  • For financial institutions evaluating non-performing loans

We employ a range of valuation approaches according to property type and purpose as follows:

  • Cost Approach
  • Income Approach
  • Residual Approach
  • Market Comparable Approach
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Modeling of mass appraisal
  • Combination of above approaches

At Perfect Access, we have developed a modern concept for asset and property management. We understand the process as a bundle of services that goes beyond the strict meaning of tenancy, leasing and the associated routine maintenance conducted by property owners or such maintenance as required by the beneficiary of the property. Our understanding of property management goes further to a broader package of administrative, financial, investment and marketing activities that would assist in achieving the best social and professional return for the direct beneficiary of the property.

Property owners and investors who lack the necessary elements of time, expertise, expertise or skill, do need a specialized establishments to manage their real-estate investments efficiently. Selecting the competent and qualified company would lead a property owner and investor to achieve numerous benefits such as better profitability, more solid legal status, long lifetime of the property, better public relations with beneficiaries, and better resources for management, stable revenues, and better quality of tenants.

The Real Estate business is connected or includes almost 74 related businesses such as contracting, management, auditing, building materials, security, banking, logistics, human power, research, legal, and feasibility studies businesses.

At Perfect Access, we have proved an excellent connections to those resources as potential facilitators for our clients. A special database devoted for direct use of our clients, who can access suppliers directly for all possible facilities they may need.

All what our clients need is to register with a user name and us as strategic partner and password will be provided for their convenience. In specific search for facilities, Perfect Access will provide the necessary support for local, regional, and international facility access.

Real Estate business will always be in full need for market, financial, banking, suppliers, counselling, contracting, competitors’, information that help in formulating the investment decision. Those market related to RE sector are changeable markets and will mislead the investors if not followed continuously.

Perfect Access has developed a huge classified database that expresses the RE sector development and the projections related. Our clients have been always safe regarding the information required where we enable them to develop an accurate, specific, on time, direct and well-classified information.

In RE business, investors will need various types of studies to help them in formulating the right decision regarding their investments. Perfect Access is specialized in providing the following types of studies:

• Feasibility studies
• Market studies
• Investment alternatives studies
• Location’s studies
• Valuations studies
• Financing studies
• Development type studies
• Funds formulation studies
• Partnerships studies